600 MHz Bruker Avance III NMR

With 13 different probe options, this 600 MHz Bruker Avance III NMR can handle virtually any modern NMR experiment. This "jack-of-all-trades" instrument is used to study solid and solution-state samples of chemicals, materials, and biological samples. A unique feature of this instrument is its two high-band and two low-band RF channels, allowing collection of 19F spectra with 1H decoupling (and vice-versa) as well as 13C spectra with simultaneous 19F/1H decoupling. Other broadband probes (both solids and liquids) allow for high-resolution detection of virtually any nucleus, while a High Resolution Magic Angle Spinning probe (HRMAS) is available to study solids and semi-solids with a high degree of internal motion. 

Available probes: 

Solution state 5 mm TXO probe (13C/19F inner coil, 1H outer coil)

Solution state 5 mm BBO probe (broadband inner, 1H outer coil)

Solution state TXI probe (1H inner coil, 13C/15N outer coil)

Biomolecular solid state (HCN) 3.2 mm MAS probes, with options for salt-tolerance or HRMAS 

Broadband solid state (HX) MAS probe with 4 mm rotor size

Temperature range: -60 C to 120 C, depending on probe