NMR Opportunities

The University of Guelph NMR Centre supports the research efforts of faculty in areas of BIOphysics, Chemistry and Biology. Some of the current projects are described below; please contact faculty members directly if you are interested in their reserach or in joining their groups.

Prof. Vlad Ladizhansky - Solid state NMR of membrane proteins

We are seeking MSc and PhD students to work in our protein NMR group. Solid state magic angle spinning Nuclear Magnetic Resonance has recently emerged as one of the key tools for atomic-level characterization of molecular structure of membrane and amyloidogenic peptides and proteins in their native-like environments. Our research focuses on the development of multi-dimensional solid-state magic angle spinning NMR techniques for structural and dynamic studies of biological macromolecules, and on application of these methods to various problems in structural biophysics. For more detailed description of our ongoing research projects visit: The Dr. Ladizhansky Group. The specific projects will deal with studying protein-protein interactions and dynamics at the membrane-solvent interface, and with the development of DNP methodologies. The candidates must have a degree in chemistry, physics or biochemistry. Applications to both the Department of Physics or Biophysics Interdepartmental Group are accepted. For more information contact Vlad Ladizhansky.