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Phishing Scams at U of G: What You Need to Know

Phishing is a common technique used by cyber criminals to try to trick you into providing sensitive information. They do this by sending emails posing as legitimate organizations, such as the University or your bank. Phishing messages will often lure you into clicking a link to a web page that mimics a legitimate site, such as the University of Guelph Single Sign-On page. If you enter your credentials, these criminals will then have access to both personal and University information which they can sell, use for criminal activity, or hold hostage for a significant price.

New Live Chat on CCS Website!

CCS has a new live chat function on our website to help serve you better! This is a giant leap forward in terms of providing user-friendly, just-in-time support to our customers. Launched just in time for students’ return to campus, it has already served as a really useful part of our service delivery toolkit. You can see this new feature in the bottom right of the screen when you are on the CCS website.

Faster Internet and WiFi on the U of G Campus!

Here's some great news that will immediately benefit faculty, staff, and students on the U of G campus: CCS has (more than) doubled the University internet and WiFi speeds!

Some of the benefits of this enhancement include:

Get Free Pizza at the Cyber Security Awareness Roadshow!


The CCS Cyber Security Awareness Roadshow is taking place on Tuesday, October 29 in the UC courtyard from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Learn how to: 

  • recognize phishing scams
  • stay safe on social media
  • protect your devices
  • have uncrackable passwords

See you there! 

New IT Help Desk

The CCS IT Help Desk has moved and is now part of the brand new AskUs desk in the library!

Did you know?

  • The IT Help Desk is part of the CCS Help Centre, which offers FREE IT support for students, staff, and faculty. 
  • We fully support all CCS services, and will provide our best effort to help you with any other IT problems.
  • Last year we answered almost 36,000 support requests for our campus community.

Need IT help? Contact us today:

  • Email:

U of G Launches Cloud-based Hosting for Faculty and Research Websites

The CCS Web & Development Solutions team is providing a new method for hosting faculty and research-based websites on the U of G domain. CampusPress provides a WordPress website-as-a-service offering that is widely used in higher education. Using this service, the Web team offers cloud-based, modern, accessible, easy-to-update websites for faculty, research labs, and research projects at a very low cost.

Cloud Hosting for Drupal and WordPress at University of Guelph

Starting in 2019, the CCS Web & Development Solutions team at the University of Guelph partnered with Pantheon, a website platform-as-a-service company, to host U of G Drupal websites in the cloud. Pantheon’s hosting environment and workflow tools help us simplify resource-intensive activities like maintenance and patching, enabling a keener focus on client-centric initiatives such as augmenting feature functionality and solving business problems.

Get Stuff Done Together with Microsoft Teams!

Microsoft Teams is already part of your Office 365 tool kit (no sign-up required), and is a simple and effective way to collaborate with your coworkers to get stuff done from anywhere!

Teams has many great features:

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