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The CCS IT Help Desk has moved and is now part of the brand new AskUs desk in the library!

Did you know?

  • The IT Help Desk is part of the CCS Help Centre, which offers FREE IT support for students, staff, and faculty. 
  • We fully support all CCS services, and will provide our best effort to help you with any other IT problems.
  • Last year we answered almost 36,000 support requests for our campus community.

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U of G Launches Cloud-based Hosting for Faculty and Research Websites

The CCS Web & Development Solutions team is providing a new method for hosting faculty and research-based websites on the U of G domain. CampusPress provides a WordPress website-as-a-service offering that is widely used in higher education. Using this service, the Web team offers cloud-based, modern, accessible, easy-to-update websites for faculty, research labs, and research projects at a very low cost.

Get Stuff Done Together with Microsoft Teams!

Microsoft Teams is already part of your Office 365 tool kit (no sign-up required), and is a simple and effective way to collaborate with your coworkers to get stuff done from anywhere!

Teams has many great features:

U Waterloo CRA Scam: Know What to Look For

An email scam claiming to be from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is targeting college and university students, saying they are eligible for a tax refund. The scam hit University of Waterloo yesterday, encouraging students to submit a claim with their personal information to receive the refund. The email tells students that CRA has sent them at tax refund via an INTERAC e-transfer for $550.44, and they must start a claim to deposit the money. By submitting the claim, the victims must input personal and banking information, allow the suspects to commit fraud. 

Work Smarter with Your U of G Collaboration Toolkit

Your U of G collaboration toolkit includes two great tools – Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams. Both have many uses for improving productivity for U of G students, staff, and faculty. Here are some great reasons to use them:

Learn more about your U of G collaboration toolkit!

Did you know that U of G students, staff, and faculty all have access to some great collaboration tools? These tools are provided at no cost to the U of G community and can help simplify your many collaboration needs.

These tools include:

  • Cisco Webex – an online video conferencing tool that is integrated with Outlook
  • Microsoft Teams – a group collaboration tools that includes a group chat, group file sharing, real-time shared editing of Microsoft documents, and video and voice calling.

Where to find out more:

Headline: Is your information reaching everyone? Regular text: Accessible digital design means improved usability for all! Get help with web content, PDFs/Word documents, presentation slides/PowerPoint decks, videos, audio.

Digital Accessibility Resource Centre

Until now, finding accessibility support on campus when you need it has been challenging. The Digital Accessibility Resource Centre (DARC) intends to fill this gap by providing reliable accessibility help when creating the following types of digital content:


The Digital Accessibility Resource Centre (DARC) is Now Open!

The University of Guelph is excited to announce the opening of our Digital Accessibility Resource Centre (DARC), made up of accessibility experts who provide campus support for digital content creation. Ensuring digital content is accessible for everyone is another way U of G aims to Improve Life on campus. 

Free U of G Access to Gartner Research Portal

CSS is excited to announce that access to the Gartner Core Research Portal - previously available only to campus IT professionals - is now expanding to U of G staff, faculty, and students. Gartner has been an excellent campus resource for many years resulting in more evidence-based and business-focused decisions. Access to Gartner is available via the U of G Gartner Portal using U of G central login credentials. 

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