January 2022: View the IT Strategic Plan and Glimpse the Future for U of G Users!

Posted on Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

The U of G IT Strategic Plan is now complete!

Two years in the making and based on consultation and feedback from more than 3,500 University community members, this plan will reimagine the U of G experience for years to come.

The plan is built around five pillars – areas of impact where we wanted to better understand the challenges and opportunities for innovation and design. These pillars are:

  • Student Experience
  • Teaching + Learning
  • Research Support
  • Information Systems
  • Cyber Security

The strategic plan contains roadmaps for each of these areas – innovative and intuitive solutions to help solve the current challenges and ensure that U of G remains a coveted place to learn, teach, research and work.

I encourage everyone to visit the site at https://uoguel.ph/ITstrategy and see the exciting plans for yourself. Here are some key pages you may want to visit:

IT Strategy Videos: Only have a few minutes? These six videos tell the story of the IT Strategic Plan and our path forward for each of our five pillars.

IT Strategy Pillar Pages: These pages form the basis of the strategy, diving into our plans for the future in these five key areas: Student Experience, Teaching + Learning, Research Support, Information Systems and Cyber Security.

Our Approach: We are very proud of the approach we took to engagement and consultation, and feel that it was instrumental in building a successful plan. We leveraged key subject matter experts in each pillar area who we knew would ask the right questions and talk to the right people.

Appendices: Read about the challenges we heard from the U of G community – these can be found in the pillar engagement reports (appendices 1-5). You can also read about completed/in-flight projects that align with the strategy (appendix 7) and see our compelling survey results (appendices 9 and 10).

With this strong and achievable plan in place, we now begin the next phase of work: securing funding, prioritizing projects and beginning implementation. We will measure and report our progress regularly and communicate it broadly.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in creating this plan, came to an engagement session and supported us in this journey. Your voice matters, and your opinions and insights form the foundation of this plan.

PS – if you missed the launch event, you can find the recording here (30 minutes): https://uoguelphca.sharepoint.com/sites/ITStrategicPlan/SitePages/Launch-Event-Materials.aspx

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