IT Times Spotlight: The Research Services Office IT Team

“Tom and Andy are extremely valued by all staff in our unit. It’s not just what they do, it’s how they do it. It’s their positive attitudes, their willingness to help and their collaborative approach. It’s just a joy to work with them.” – Jill Rogers, Managing Director, RSO

The Ontario Veterinary College Technology Group  

The Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) is recognized as a world leader in advancing veterinary science and improving the health of animals, people and the planet. Within OVC there is a large departmental structure of distributed information technology (IT) specialists referred to as the OVC Technology Group. This group is made up of IT professionals from Computing & Communication Services (CCS), OpenEd and OVC, who come together to support the development of technology to enable innovation in teaching, learning, research, patient care and administration.

Meet Dave Wood “The Web Guy”

Dave’s U of G Journey  

Dave’s U of G journey began when he started his undergraduate degree here, majoring in biochemistry. Also having a passion for computers, Dave switched gears after graduation, joining the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) IT team in 1999. After many years with OVC, he joined CCS in 2017 on a secondment as an Analyst III with Web & Development Solutions, joining the team full time in 2019.

Jeff and his wife Carol by the Arctic Ocean completing his research fieldwork for his studies in digital Archeology.

Q&A with Jeff Grieve, Interim Chief Information Officer (CIO)

In January 2023, Jeff Grieve joined the University of Guelph (U of G) and the Computing & Communications Services (CCS) team as the interim chief information officer (CIO), with 30+ years of valuable leadership experience in information technology (IT). Prior to his role at U of G, Jeff was the executive director and CIO at the University of Western Ontario (Western).

2022 Year in Review

I’d like to thank you all for the warm welcome to U of G.  While I continue to learn about all that you do, this impressive collection of accomplishments gives me a great perspective on not just the scope and depth of work within the IT community, but also of the character of the people performing it. Woven into each section are the intent, the impact and the work ethic practiced by this community.

Meet the Web and Development Solutions Team

The Web & Development Solutions (WDS) team provides web and application-based solutions to the University community. The WDS team consists of:  

  • The Web Solutions Team, who provide website platforms (Drupal, SharePoint, etc.) and web-based training for University colleges and departments.  
  • The Collaborative Applications Team, who manage and support the following applications: 

Picture of IT team at Laboratory Services

Meet the Laboratory Services Division Information Technology Team

What is the Laboratory Services Division? 

Laboratory Services Division (LSD) is a testing facility that delivers solutions to a breadth of clients in government, industry and academic sectors. The division proudly serves the analytical and diagnostic needs of the agriculture, food, environment and animal health industries with excellence and expertise. 

Laboratory Services is divided into two operational units across three locations:  

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