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Posted on Thursday, June 15th, 2023

The Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) is recognized as a world leader in advancing veterinary science and improving the health of animals, people and the planet. Within OVC there is a large departmental structure of distributed information technology (IT) specialists referred to as the OVC Technology Group. This group is made up of IT professionals from Computing & Communication Services (CCS), OpenEd and OVC, who come together to support the development of technology to enable innovation in teaching, learning, research, patient care and administration. The OVC technology group consists of eight teams with specialized portfolios, including:  

  • OVC Data & Analytics  

  • OVC Health Informatics  

  • CCS Digital Signage Service 

  • CCS Client Productivity  

  • CCS Systems Management  

  • CCS Web & Development Solutions  

  • OpenEd Classroom Technical Support  

  • OpenEd Educational Technology  

“OVC does not have a central IT department. We rely on partnerships to allow us to be successful in what we do. These partnerships should be celebrated.” – Scott Moccia, OVC Associate Director of Organization and Technology 

For a list of staff members in the above units, please visit the OVC Technology Group webpage.  

Projects in Progress  

Clinical Curriculum Management System 

OVC has developed a sophisticated scheduling algorithm to manage the complex clinical rotations that veterinary students undergo during their transition to becoming doctors. Managing the clinical rotations for 130 students previously required the efforts of two full-time staff members. In addition to alleviating schedule demands, the new Curriculum Management System offers several advantages, including improvements to tracking student performance, course progress and intuitive navigation for users. The new system was launched in May 2023 and is actively used by students. Read more: eMedley - Instructors & Department Coordinators

Clinical Data for Research   

OVC has embarked on a multi-year project to provide clinical researchers access to vast amounts of data generated within the OVC Health Sciences Centre. This project has two main components:  

  1. An Azure cloud data lake that stores both current and past anonymized medical records and diagnostic equipment data. This resource will enable advanced data science projects using machine learning, artificial intelligence, reporting and analysis. 

  1. In partnership with ABC Intelligence, OVC will be the first user of a newly developed commercial application called ResearchGenus. This application will facilitate user-friendly exploration of the Azure cloud data lake by using a powerful AI-based medical coding and search algorithm. 

The full implementation of the ResearchGenus app and Azure cloud data lake will be carried out in phases over the late summer and fall of 2023, with continuous enhancements over the long term to further improve capabilities. The impact of this project will be transformative, reimagining the way clinical research is conducted and enabling researchers to succeed.  

Recent Success: Creation of the OVC Intranet 

While many U of G departments have implemented SharePoint intranet sites, OVC has led the way in showcasing innovative ways to leverage the platform. The OVC intranet was built to minimize the load on administrative support by incorporating automated services and efficient workflows. This has resulted in streamlined administrative processes and improved accessibility for users. The OVC intranet is thoughtfully curated with a focus on the user experience and a keen eye for detail. It aligns well with the Information Systems pillar in the U of G IT Strategy, which outlines a plan to build a University-wide intranet and promotes the adoption of automated workflows at the University. Visit the OVC intranet to see for yourself!  

How does the OVC Technology Group support research?  

The OVC Technology Group plays a vital role in supporting research efforts by developing essential infrastructure including data storage, building spaces and virtual workstations. The primary goal is to enhance data accessibility for clients, ensuring they have the resources they need to conduct their research effectively. The team achieves this by working collaboratively across departments to address the needs of clients and research initiatives within the college. The Clinical Data for Research project serves as a prime example of the tools OVC creates to support research.  

“The research projects at OVC are so unique, it can be a challenge to support all individual needs of OVC researchers. A broader solution is to ensure all clients have access to the tools they need to conduct their research.” - Scott Moccia, Associate Director of Organization and Technology  


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