Co-op Education

Co-operative Education Work Term Placements in the BASc Program

Adult Development (ADev) and Child, Youth and Family (CYF) majors are available in a Co-operative Education format. Co-op is a full-time paid work experience in which students merge academic and scientific training to their work to deepen their understanding, develop and hone skills and cultivate knowledge. In both majors, students are required to complete a non-credit course Introduction to Co-operative Education [course code] in Semester 3 as well as three (3) Co-op Work Terms, which begin immediately following semester 4 in Summer term. Each program requires that the student complete a work term in Summer, Fall and Winter terms as detailed in each program of study, in addition to regular courses and practica. CYF Co-op students are exempt from the fourth year placement course (FRHD 4170). 

Students can work in a variety of settings including:

  • Outdoor education centres
  • Child Care and Learning Centres
  • Adult Care Centres (e.g., L’ArcheGuelph Independent Living)
  • Private schools
  • Special camps for children with disabilities or illnesses
  • Community Health or Mental Health Centres
  • Policy or Research Centres, and so forth


  “I have to say, looking back, that all three of my co-op placements have been awesome learning experiences. The most rewarding part for me has been the people I have had the privilege of meeting during my work terms. During my first work term, at L'Arche Hamilton, ……with seniors with disabilities…..I learned some lessons from my co-workers about what's really important in life, even though I thought I already 'knew', and the day-to-day lives and gifts of the residents, as well as the values of L'Arche, spoke to me so profoundly about the superficiality of what is valued most predominantly in our culture. It was easier than I thought to free myself from these preconceived notions and decide to value what was truly important - relationships.  Even though I would never have expected to grow so much from this placement, or enjoy it so thoroughly, I left with insight and skills that helped me enormously in my next two placements at a daycare and the Ontario Early Years Centre. ……..I am grateful for the guidance of my co-op advisors, the skills I have learned, the workplace connections I have made which have already come in handy, and most of all, the people I had the opportunity to be in relationship with.” - Laura Siverns, CYF:C Graduate