Can I order office supplies from the University’s SMCs and have the orders delivered to my home?

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In short, yes, but there is a specific process that you must follow.

Orders placed with the University’s SMC suppliers with GL Coding shall be delivered to university office locations only.

In order to support the current working-from-home arrangement, the University has arranged with several office supply SMCs to extend the University’s contract pricing to employee’s orders.  The process requires that employees order the supplies as personal purchases and submit those costs as expense claims to get reimbursed. Where applicable, employees should follow the existing approval protocol in your area to obtain approval for such type of purchases.

The process to acquire the supplies delivered to your home would be as follows:

Staples Advantage

Grand and Toy

  • Contact Glenn Urquhart | Cell: 416-271-9518, to set up a personal account
  • Specific information will be provided with the account setup


Following receipt of the products, you can then submit a claim through the ECS system for reimbursement.