Can I use the University’s courier account to ship a document from home?

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Yes, but only if it is for University business and is necessary. 

The University advises that all documents to be sent externally should be sent digitally rather than by hard copy.  However, if the receiver insists on a hard copy original then it is acceptable to ship from your home on the University account.

The University has arranged with FedEx and Purolator for shipping documents from an employee’s home.

To arrange shipping of a document, please follow these steps:

  • Log in the carrier’s shipping portal using your login ID set up under your department’s account.
  • Complete all fields for shipment information as you would normally, including GL coding. The only difference is that you must enter your home address in the shipper’s address field. 
  • Once completed, print the shipping label. 
  • If you have the carrier’s standard document envelope, affix the label to the envelope. If not, set aside the label.
  • Call the courier to arrange for pickup from your home address.
  • When the courier arrives, hand the document package with the shipping label to the carrier.

For information on how to create a shipment online or how to set up an account for the couriers’ online shipping portal, follow the processes at