Can I use the University’s courier account to ship a package from home that’s not a document?

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For non-document shipments, in light of the current State of Emergency, only shipments required for the operation of essential services should be considered.  Non-essential shipments are discouraged and should be minimized.

For essential shipments, if the package is destined for a location outside of Canada, customs documentation must be prepared as per CBSA regulations prior to shipping. Please complete Request for Shipping Documentation form and email it to  The University’s customs team will prepare the customs documentation and will email them to you along with related instructions.

If the package is destined for a domestic location, follow the same process as you would when shipping from your work address, except that you need to enter your home address as the shipper’s address. You will also need to call the courier to arrange for pickup from your home.

For information on how to create a shipment online or how to set up an account for the couriers’ online shipping portal, follow the processes at