Restrictions & Limits

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As with any financial tools, the PCard has its restrictions and limits.  Cardholders should be aware of these restrictions and limits prior to getting and using the PCard.


The PCard is for university purchases only. Any personal use is strictly prohibited. Misuse of the PCard for personal purchases may result in the immediate and irrevocable forfeiture of the card and/or disciplinary actions.

The following items must NOT be charged to the PCard in addition to personal purchases:

  • Internal campus purchases, such as purchases from the University Bookstore and the University Hospitality Services;
  • Travel and accommodations, such as flight, train, bus, coach, ferry, taxi, car rental, hotel and other travel incidentals;
  • Meal and entertainment expenses, such as meal, alcohol.
  • Gas for personal vehicle used for business trip note;
  • Cash advances and ATM withdrawals;
  • Controlled goods and substances, such as hazardous material, radioactive materials and chemicals;
  • Live animals and vertebrates;
  • Goods that require a government permit, such as viruses;
  • Items covered by Blanket Orders and Supply Managed Contracts where PCard is not set up as a payment method.

Note: Gas is allowed on PCard when a University vehicle or rental car is used for a business trip. If a personal vehicle is used for the trip, gas is considered personal purchase and must not be charged to PCard.


  • The single transaction limit is $5000, including shipping costs, currency exchange and taxes;
  • Each card has a pre-determined monthly credit limit set up at the time of issuance;
  • The maximum spending limit available for a card is $50,000 per month. To change the monthly credit limit, please complete the PCard Change Request Form with the Dean/Chair/Director's signature and email the form to