Treasury Operations / Investment Management Policies & Procedures

Operating Borrowing Policy

This policy applies to borrowing by the University for non-capital purposes.  Capital borrowing is addressed in Policy FI17.0 Capital Debt Policy.

Endowment Investment Policy

This document constitutes the Investment Policy (the “Policy”) applicable to the assets in respect of the General Endowment Fund and the Heritage Fund (the “Endowment Funds”) of the University of Guelph (the “University”).

General Endowment Fund Management Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to describe the general objectives, spending or "pay-out" policies and responsibilities for investment oversight regarding the University's General Endowment (GEF).

Acceptance of Gifts of Marketable Securities

To describe the type of marketable securities the University will accept from a donor and the conditions under which funds realized from the donation of marketable securities will be released for disbursement.

Expendable Fund Investment Policy

Investment of the University’s expendable funds other than those held in endowment funds or in the University’s pension plans.