Academic Programs- By Program

* Indicates a collaborative specialization. A collaborative specialization is an intra-university graduate field of study that provides an additional multidisciplinary experience for students enrolled in and completing the degree requirements for one of a number of approved Master's or Doctoral programs.
Accounting GDip
Animal Biosciences MSc, PhD
Art History and Visual Culture MA
Bioinformatics MBinf, MSc, PhD
Biomedical Sciences DVSc, MBS, MSc, PhD
Biophysics MSc, PhD
Biotechnology MBIOT
Business Administration MBA
Capacity Development & Extension MSc
Chemistry MSc, PhD
Clinical Studies DVSc, GDip, MSc
Computational Science PhD
Computer Science MSc
Creative Writing MFA
Criminology & Criminal Justice Policy MA
Critical Studies in Improvisation MA, PhD
Economics MA, PhD
Engineering MASc, MEng, PhD
Engineering Design of Sustainable Water Resource Systems GDip
English MA
Environmental Sciences MES, MSc, PhD
European Studies MA
Family Relations & Applied Nutrition MAN, MSc, PhD
Food Safety & Quality Assurance GDip, MSc
Food Science MSc, PhD
Food, Agricultural & Resource Economics MSc, MFARE, PhD
French MA
Geography MA, MSc, PhD
History MA, PhD
Human Health & Nutritional Sciences MSc, PhD
Integrative Biology MSc, PhD
International Development Studies * MA, MSc, PhD
Landscape Architecture MLA
Latin American & Caribbean Studies MA
Leadership Studies MA (Leadership)
Literary Studies / Theatre Studies in English PhD
Management MA, PhD
Market Research GDip
Marketing & Consumer Studies MSc
Mathematics & Statistics MSc, PhD
Modelling Applications in Water Resources Engineering GDip
Molecular & Cellular Biology MSc, PhD
Neuroscience * MA, MSc, PhD
Pathobiology DVSc, GDip, MSc, PhD
Philosophy MA, PhD
Physics MSc, PhD
Plant Agriculture MSc, PhD
Political Science MA, PhD
Population Medicine DVSc, MSc, PhD
Psychology MA, MSc(Neuroscience & Applied Cognitive Science only), PhD
Public Health GDip, MPH
Public Issues Anthropology MA
Rural Planning & Development MPlan, MSc(Planning)
Rural Studies PhD
Sociology MA, PhD
Studio Art MFA
Theatre Studies MA
Tourism & Hospitality MSc
Tourism Research GDip
Toxicology * MSc, PhD
Veterinary Science DVSc