Research that Knows No Boundaries

Guelph researchers are passionately engaged in discovery and knowledge translation to further the University's commitment to making a difference and to better the lives of people everywhere. Regardless ofdiscipline and orientation, research is now inherently collaborative across disciplines and across countries - research knows no boundaries at Guelph. Networks of collaboration connect Guelph faculty, students andstaff with researchers in universities and research centres across Canada and throughout the world. In fact, about a third of all research publications in the university involve at least one international collaborator.  If you are interested in collaborative research with the University of Guelph please contact the Office of Research to find out how.

Regardless of orientation, Guelph's international contributions are characterized by their depth of engagement and by the commitment to provide leadership. It is in this spirit of providing leadership that as Vice-President, Research I am exploring ways of creating more formal associations with like-minded universities across the globe to support the university’s academic and humanitarian objectives.

John Livernois

Visit the Office of Research website for more information.

John Livernois

Associate Vice-President (Research Services)