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  • Post date: Tuesday, May 5, 2015 - 10:42

    Mexican Government has published the 2015 Call to apply for Scholarships to participate in special academic programs in that country.

  • Post date: Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - 14:16

    This call is open to Canadians, permanent residents of Canada, and citizens of developing countries pursuing doctoral studies at a Canadian university. IDRC Doctoral Research Awards are intended to promote the growth of Canadian and developing-country capacity in research to improve the lives of people in the developing world. These awards are intended for field research in one or more developing countries.

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The University of Guelph is committed to international outreach.   On this site, you will find information about our international research, collaborations, programs of study and how to get invovled...  We welcome students and faculty from around the world to be part of the University of Guelph community.   Learn more about Guelph's commitment to Internationalism

Creating Unique Opportunities for International Learning

Creating Unique Opportunities for International Learning

Group of students in ParisInternationalization is an integral part of the University’s commitment to learner-centredness; it involves bringing the world to Guelph and opening up international opportunities...

Research that Knows No Boundaries

Research that Knows No Boundaries

Researchers in jungleGuelph researchers are passionately engaged in discovery and knowledge translation to further the University's commitment to making a difference and to better the lives of people everywhere. Research knows no boundaries at Guelph...

International Development Studies

International Development Studies

Students in FijiInternational Development Studies offers interdisciplinary undergraduate studies and collaborative graduate programs to support students interested in long-term change, global inequality, and poverty.

More Than Just Your Traditional Library

At McLaughlin Library, we pride ourselves on being more than a traditional library.

We offer dedicated support for international students who have English as a second or additional language. Our English-as-an-Additional Language Specialist offers language improvement workshops and one-on-one support in writing, speaking and pronunciation, grammar, listening and reading. 

We are a service-driven, learner-centered, research-intensive organization with a central focus on supporting students. We provide information and resources to support academic objectives and foster lifelong learning. You can come to the Library to study, to find books and resources, to attend a workshop, to improve your academic skills, or to relax and have a cup of coffee with friends.

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