Study Abroad Programs

Group of students in FijiExchange and Semester Abroad Programs

Exchange Programs operate under formal agreements between universities and involve the exchange of students, and occasionally staff and faculty, over the course of the exchange agreement.

Faculty are involved in exchange agreements in many different ways including initiating agreements with partner universities, providing references for students applying for exchange opportunities, and support and information for students choosing courses at partner universities for their exchange.

Semester Abroad Programs are formal University of Guelph semesters conducted overseas. The courses are taught by Guelph faculty and on- site faculty contracted by Guelph to specifications set down in the University of Guelph calendar. The University of Guelph offers semesters abroad in India, Krakow, Paris, London and Guatemala.

If you have any questions about starting a new exchange agreement or coordinating a semester abroad program please contact the Centre for International Programs.