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Quinn Family Memorial Scholarship [E0578]

Donor(s):Mrs. Helen Quinn (O.A.C. '35)
Value:1 award of $2,000
Awarded:In the fall and the recipient must be registered to receive
  • No Application Required
  • Non-Canadian-PR-PP

Established in memory of Ronald J. Quinn (O.A.C. '35). Selection will be based on academic performance through an assessment of the admission application package.

Students paying the International student tuition and fee rates who are entering any degree program offered by the Ontario Agricultural College. Preference will be given in the following order: 1) students with citizenships from a country or territory eligible to receive official development assistance (ODA) as defined by the Development Assistance Committee of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) among those categorized as the world’s least developed countries; 2) low-income countries (as defined by OECD); 3) any other international student