Industry Opportunity: Data Driven Agriculture

The Industry Liaison Team was recently approached by a global agriculture technology company with a mission to help transform agrifood systems across the world. Headquartered in Belize, they work with farmers, governments and agencies, NGOs, educational institutions and for-profit organizations worldwide with a vision of improving productivity, sustainability and inclusion in the agricultural sector regardless of economic standing.

Their platform is developed on blockchain technology and applies mobile, machine learning, IoT devices, satellite and drone imagery, genomics, and advanced research to modern agriculture.  It analyzes agricultural data using analytics and AI to deliver insights and predictions to farmers for improved crop and livestock performance, and overall economic value. The platform also connects national agriculture data with traceability throughout the food chain to help nations organize local agricultural value chains and develop better public policies and outcomes.

Current opportunity:

The company is interested in exploring potential collaboration with the University of Guelph to achieve outcomes and measurable results that can be applied in the field. Collaborations may extend to theoretical or experimental field research to accelerate science-based management approaches and sustainable environmental practices in farming.  Below are the capabilities of the company's technologies.


  • Comprehensive analysis reports
  • Comparison and recommendation reports
  • Crop modeling reports
  • Satellite reports
  • Weather reports
  • Track & traceability system

Livestock Management & Genomics

  • Genetics System (methodically improves the genetic characteristics / traits of new generations of cattle from both perspectives, the government and the farmer’s perspectives)
  • Feed Management System (helps farmers to strategically manage their feed ingredients inventories and calculates corresponding ration formulations to ensure that all animals get all the necessary nutrients)
  • Milk Management System (helps governments ensure healthy milk production and distribution of within their country, and helps dairy farmers and the milk supply chain to comply with all regulations)
  • Other features include complete inventory details of animals and various types of traceability

If you have an interest in learning more about this opportunity or connecting with the company for potential collaboration, please reach out to Vanja Banks at

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