Industry Opportunity: Herbicide Development, Weed Control and Native Grass Restoration

The Research Innovation Office was recently approached by a company that is interested in engaging the University of Guelph on collaborative projects related to the control of invasive weeds in rangeland, pastures, natural landscapes, and industrial settings.

The company in question is an independent industry leader in environmental science that partners with customers to design world-class, data-driven innovations that protect and enhance the health of environments around the world. The company is committed to protecting the spaces communities share with nature specifically by controlling invasive weeds in our forests, rangelands, and transportation infrastructure.

The current product focus for the company is based on two main chemistries.  These are indaziflam, a preemergent herbicide for invasive annual grasses, and a mix of metsulfuron-methyl and aminocyclopyrachlor for the control of broadleaf weeds and encroaching brush. Additionally, the company is focused on developing new chemistries and tank mix partners that have vegetation management potential.

The company is interested in exploring potential collaborations with the University of Guelph in the following areas:

  • Herbicide development (new and existing chemistries and tank mix partners)
  • Invasive weed control
  • Native grass restoration

If you would like to connect with the company, please contact Vanja Banks at or Ext. 53592.

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