Industry Opportunity: Precision Agriculture

The Research Innovation Office was recently approached by an Ontario-based company that is interested in engaging the University of Guelph on collaborative projects related to precision agriculture, crop mapping using drones and analytics, and multi-spectral imagery.

The company is a technology integration company, founded in 2017, which combines drone technology, multi-spectral imagery, mapping, photogrammetry, AI, and agriculture to provide the industry with valuable insights to reduce costs, emissions and increase yields.  The company offers field mapping and analytics using multi-spectral imagery, resulting in multiple reports including NDVI (Normalized difference vegetation index), plant counts, LCI (leaf chlorophyll index) and many others, as well as developing custom algorithms aimed at novel plant analyses. 

They are interested in exploring potential collaborations with the University of Guelph in the following areas: 

  • innovative plant analytics methods/algorithms
  • new applications of multi-spectral imagery
  • development of specific field analysis for different types of crops
  • artificial intelligence development for precision agriculture

If you would like to connect with the company, please contact Vanja Banks, Industry Liaison Officer (, Ext. 53592)

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