Dean's Scholarships

Award Description:

This award was established by the Board of Governors’ in 1991 to recognize the academic achievements of students. Each college will be provided an allocation of awards in which to determine recipients of this scholarship. Recipients will be notified each fall by their college’s awards chair. Application not required.

Donor(s):             Board of Governors

Qualification(s): Students registered in any degree program who have completed a minimum of 4.0 credits and have been on the Dean’s Honours List for two consecutive semesters in their previous year of studies as defined by the Fall/Winter/Summer sequence.

Amount:              150 awards of $2,000

Based on previous years, the College of Biological Science has been allocated approximately 31 awards of $2,000. To be considered for the award, students must be on the Dean’s Honour List for two consecutive semesters within the previous fall/winter/summer academic year. The award is based on a student’s GPA across the three previous semesters. Only full-time semesters are used in the calculation and we do not consider summer semesters of one or two courses when calculating the GPA.

Dean's scholarships are awarded in the fall semester for work completed in the previous year.  

College of Biological Science specific distribution criteria:

The awards will be allocated to students across the three departments and the Dean’s Office (Biological Science majors) based on the overall distribution of student enrollments (all years) across all departments. E.g. based on current enrollment, the distribution would be 40% of the awards for majors offered by Human Health and Nutritional Sciences, 20% for majors offered by Molecular and Cellular Biology, 20% for majors offered by Integrative Biology and 20% for students in the Biological Science major. Awards will be evenly distributed across 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students

As of 2019, to increase access to the awards, the College of Biological Science will only allow a student to win the award once.

Students who graduated in the previous year are not eligible