Welcome to the Office of the Associate Dean Academic

The College of Biological Science (CBS) at University of Guelph is recognized nationally for its diverse & innovative programs, engaged student body and comprehensive support services for undergraduate students.

The Office of the Associate Dean Academic supports all undergraduate programs and services offered by the College of Biological Science (CBS) and its member departments (Human Health and Nutritional Sciences, Integrative Biology, and Molecular and Cellular Biology).

With over 4500 students in three different degree programs (Bachelor of Science-BSc, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science –BSc Env., Bachelor of Applied Science -BASc), Biological Science students represent nearly a quarter of all undergraduates at Guelph, reflecting a disproportionate strength in health, molecular and biodiversity science, an outstanding team of research scientists and professors, and world class teaching and research facilities. Together, these features enable CBS to offer an undergraduate experience that is student-centred, rigorous and provides the opportunity to work alongside faculty and graduate students in the pursuit, application and communication of biological knowledge.

The primary goals of the Associate Dean Academic are to:

  1. Provide college-wide services to students, departments and teaching teams such as academic program counselling, class scheduling, enrolment management, academic integrity investigations, and administration of CBS student awards
  2. Foster best practices in teaching and course and curriculum design by celebrating our outstanding achievements, supporting College teaching and learning communities, communicating guidelines and recent innovations and facilitation action through CBS Council of Curriculum Chairs, BSc. Program Committee and Dean's Council
  3. Coordinate and support college liaison, outreach and recruitment initiatives on and off campus
  4. Identify college-wide trends, challenges and opportunities in our undergraduate programs for the purposes of strategic planning and ongoing improvement
  5. Represent and promote CBS programs on various university committees and working groups

For Information related to Graduate programs within the College of Biological Science please see the Associate Dean Research website.