Audit Services

Who We Are.

Audit Services is an independent appraisal activity established within the University. Our purpose is to assist management in the accomplishment of its goals and objectives. While Audit Services may assist or advise management on policies, procedures and internal controls, it is management’s responsibility to set policies and procedures and implement and maintain internal controls.

Audit Services works with management, faculty and staff to:

  • Ensure efficiency and effectiveness of operations, safeguarding of assets and integrity of financial transactions.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable internal policies and procedures as well as external legislation and regulations.
  • Add value to the department or unit under review.  Adding value can be in the form of identifying unnecessary tasks and improving overall efficiency.  Since Audit Services interacts with many departments and units across campus, we are in a unique position to identify best practices and pass them along to other departments.

Audit Services reports administratively to the Vice President, Finance and Administration and functionally to both the President and the Audit Committee of the Board of Governors.

Audit Services welcomes the opportunity to interact with and provide assistance to all members of the University community.