Audit Services

What We Do

Audit Services conducts reviews of departments/units in four main categories:

  1. Departmental/Unit Administrative Reviews
  2. Administrative Reviews evaluate three key areas:

    • ensures internal controls and processes are in place to manage and safeguard the assets and resources of the department/unit;
    • ensures the department/unit is complying with the University’s Policies and Procedures; and,
    • ensures applicable taxes are being applied.

    Administrative Reviews also assist departments/units in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its administration should any such opportunities be identified during the audit.

  3. Functional Audits
  4. Functional audits are reviews of an identified process across all University departments/units.  Examples of functional audits include reviews of Procurement Card usage and Travel and Business Expense Claim forms in accordance with University Policies and Procedures.

  5. Information Technology Audits
  6. Includes participation in system development projects and committees, pre- and post-implementation reviews for application systems, and information security reviews.

  7. Special Reviews and Investigations
  8. Management may request special reviews to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of their processes.  This may be as a result of recent changes in processes, a change or upgrade in the information system specific to a department or due to specific concerns raised by the department head.