Audit Services

Safe Disclosure Policy Overview

The University has implemented the Safe Disclosure Policy to provide a mechanism for students, faculty, staff, and volunteers to report concerns about inappropriate behavior not covered by other policies or collective/employee group agreements.

The Safe Disclosure Policy does NOT replace existing and normal channels to raise questions or concerns through reporting mechanisms in other University policies or collective/employee group agreements. Any reports received which fall under an existing policy/agreement will be referred to that policy/agreement for follow-up. Other reported matters will be followed up as appropriate, and appropriate stakeholders will be engaged to undertake an investigation if required.

This important Policy supports the culture of ethical behaviour at the University, and has been approved by the University’s Board of Governors. A Safe Disclosure Policy is common in most universities and employers.

You can find a copy of the Safe Disclosure Policy on the University policies page. A related procedure has been developed to support the policy. An FAQ document is also available to answer some important questions about the policy and its implementation.

For further information on the policy, reach out to Murray Perkins, Chief Internal Auditor at or at 519-824-4120, x52954.