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Posted on Thursday, April 16th, 2020

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The past few weeks have been unprecedented. Few of us have experienced anything similar in our lifetime. The 2019 Novel Coronavirus has meant changes to how we work, live, and finish out the academic year. Each of us is facing unique challenges, but connecting through each other’s stories may provide some small comfort as we collectively face the uncertainties that lie ahead.

Jenny Lawson is a Mathematical Sciences student. Here is a sneak peek into how Jenny is coping with some of the recent changes to life and school. Her full story can be found on our CEPS YouTube channel.

How do you stay connected to friends and family?

Well, one thing I've been doing is I've been making sure to set up fun things to do with friends and family virtually. For Easter, we had a virtual afternoon high tea with my family. This was really fun for us, but it also allowed us to include some family members that live a little farther away that we don't usually get to connect with. Secondly, I've made connecting with friends and family a part of my daily routine. Each day I get up, I make a cup of coffee for myself, and then I call my dad and we have a virtual cup of coffee together. 

What are you doing to stay physically and mentally healthy?

One thing that's been really important for me is that I've had to be honest with myself with how I'm feeling. These are uncertain times and I know for me, I've had to realize that I'm probably going to feel a little more anxious than normal and I'm not going to feel like every day is the greatest, and that has to be okay.

But with this I've had to control what I can control, [which is] is how I react to these things. One thing I've been doing is trying to find the good in each day. Each day I have a calendar and at the end of the day, I write down one good thing that happened that day. Sometimes it can be small, like I finished a really good book, or I had a great chat with a friend over Skype, or something like that. Just to remind me that [good] things are still happening.

Do you have any advice for students as they finish their academic year?

I would say use this time to do things that you love. I know as students we're all trying to finish off [this year], but remember to take breaks and try some new things that maybe you don't always have the time to do.

See Jenny's full story (including the third way she stays connected to friends and family through the kitchen!) on our CEPS YouTube channel.

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