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Posted on Thursday, November 12th, 2020

Headshot of Victoria Pham-Tran

Second-year chemistry student Victoria Pham-Tran discusses motivation and connection during the fall semester.

An unusual fall semester has presented unique challenges and opportunities for students as they adjust to different learning styles. For second-year chemistry student Victoria Pham-Tran, staying motivated has meant focusing on time management strategies and daily goal-setting, along with leaning on her peers for support.

Chat with Victoria Pham-Tran

What is your program and major?

My name is Victoria Pham-Tran, I am a second-year Bachelor of Science student majoring in Chemistry.

How has this semester been for you?

I find it sometimes difficult to stay motivated for school as I’m not able to attend lectures on campus. I try and overcome these challenges by reaching out to my other friends who are experiencing the same thing I am. We’re each other’s support systems through the fall semester. I also try to manage my time for each course I am taking, planning out by day what work I need to get finished, setting daily goals for myself. I really think time management is key to succeeding in university, whether it be remote or in-person.

What has worked well with you for remote learning?

I do wish that classes were held on-campus, but I know faculty have done their best in ensuring online learning is as smooth as possible, and so far, the experience has been satisfactory. What has been working well for me during remote learning is reaching out to my classmates through social media and asking questions to my professors whenever something is unclear. A tip I have for new students: Don’t be afraid to reach out to your professors! They may seem intimidating, but they are there to help out in the best way they can. Also, make sure you understand class concepts fully, and try not to just memorize things, so you’re making the most of your learning.

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