2022 Department of Chemistry Awards

Posted on Wednesday, January 4th, 2023

Headshots of Matthew Hill and Mukaila Ibrahim
Department of Chemistry award winners Matthew Hill and Mukaila Ibrahim

The Department of Chemistry has announced the winners of the 2022 Graduate Tuition Scholarship, the Inaugural Martin Henry Bosch Scholarship in Chemistry and the Brock Chittim Graduate Scholarship in Chemistry.

Matthew Hill, PhD candidate working with Dr. Kathryn Preuss, was award the Inaugural Martin Henry Rosch Scholarship in Chemistry. The Martin Henry Bosch Doctoral Scholarships in Chemistry are funded by Dr. Martin Bosch in memory of his mother, who supported and encouraged his educational pursuits. Bosch attended the University of Guelph for his undergraduate and graduate degrees. It is his hope that these scholarships will make it possible for chemistry students to achieve their dreams. This scholarship is awarded twice annually based on a combination of high admission average, strong research potential and demonstrated excellence. Hill will receive $20,000 (payable over two years).

Hill also received the Department of Chemistry Graduate Tuition Scholarship that is awarded annually to a PhD student with a minimum 75 per cent average.

Hill’s research is focused on the synthesis of coordination complexes containing dithiadiazolyl (DTDA) radical ligands and various actinide metal centers like thorium and uranium. Matthew’s research seeks to demonstrate the potential of these rarely encountered metals for the future development of molecular magnets. These nanoscale materials are sought for their ability to retain magnetization in the absence of a magnetic field and could play a key role in quantum computing technology and the revolutionization of data storage.

Mukaila Ibrahim, PhD student working with Dr. Kathryn Preuss, was awarded the Brock Chittim Graduate Scholarship in Chemistry. The Brock Chittim Graduate Scholarship in Chemistry honours the life and achievements of Mr. Brock Chittim (MSc., ’87). Chittim built Wellington Laboratories into a world leading company in generating and supplying analytical standards. He is a long-time supporter of U of G and the Department of Chemistry. This scholarship is awarded annually based on the student with the most outstanding academic record, demonstrated by a high admission average and a track record indicating research potential. Ibrahim will receive $5,000.

Ibrahim’s research will focus on the design and development of transition metals and lanthadnides complexes that have relevant technological properties, such as magnetism information storage/processing applications; electrochemical activity for redox application; and spintronics and quantum effect for quantum technology.

Congratulations to Hill and Ibrahim on their scholarships.

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