Q & A with Mathematics and Statistics Faculty Member Daniel Kraus

Posted on Friday, March 24th, 2023

Headshot of Daniel Kraus
Daniel Kraus

Daniel Kraus is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics in the department of Mathematics and Statistics.

When did you join the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Guelph?

Fall 2019 semester

Can you tell us about your career path up until this point?

I was a teaching assistant throughout graduate school at SUNY Buffalo, where I also earned my undergraduate degree (BS math, minor physics). After graduation, I simultaneously performed additional mathematical research while working in market research for a private company. I think that the combined academic and business experience made me more well rounded. I then decided to get back into academia via a post-doctoral position at Brock University, which led to my next teaching position at SUNY Oswego. I have taught a wide variety of courses, whether it be varied class sizes or varied material. Much of my research was performed at SUNY Buffalo with Gino Biondini, an expert in nonlinear waves. My post-doctoral position at Brock University was under the supervision of Stephen Anco, also an expert in a similar field.

What will your focus of research be here at the University of Guelph?

Currently, I am involved with pedagogical research with colleagues here at the University of Guelph. This is ongoing and will help us all shape our future course offerings. Additionally, I still have unanswered questions and open problems to consider from my previous mathematical research, which deals with various phenomena described by nonlinear wave equations.

Can you explain to us the real-world impacts of your research?

My pedagogical research affects the way I structure my classes and could influence others in the same way. My mathematical research mainly deals with partial differential equations, which have wide applications. The particular equations I study describe various phenomena ranging from highly visible deep-water waves to the quantum-mechanical Bose-Einstein condensates.

What is a recent research project/initiative that you are especially excited about?

I am excited about some pedagogical projects with colleagues here at the University of Guelph. We recently submitted a paper for publication and will be presenting some of our ideas at a conference in the near future.

In the next 5 years, what do you hope to achieve?

I hope to grow my teaching portfolio, conduct more research, and help improve the Math/Stats department any way that I can.

Will you be looking for undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral students in the near future?

Certainly. I look forward to working with students here.

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