BattleSTEM 2023

Posted on Monday, May 8th, 2023

Written by Evan Forster

Hundreds of Students gathered for Battle STEM awards ceremony in the W.F. Mitchell Athletics Centre, Mitchell Gym, with the Battle STEM Logo graphic with a white background in the bottom left

This past Thursday, the University of Guelph welcomed over 750 students and teachers from 26 different high schools across Ontario for our annual Battle STEM competition. Formerly known as the Science Olympics, Battle STEM gave Junior and Senior students the opportunity to participate in over 18 different STEM based events, workshops, and activities. Battle STEM is one of our largest outreach programs designed to engage youth in science and showcase the University of Guelph’s expertise and resources in STEM.

Here are some highlights from events run throughout the day:

Students gather to observe marble race

ROLL OUT! It’s the great Marble Battle!

The Great Orbax and the Guelph Department of Physics hosted junior and senior students in the Atrium of the Summerlee Science Complex for a fun marble racing competition. The Marble Run was created over 60 years ago, they never thought we’d still be discovering new ways to innovate with it!

Several mini u of g cannons drying

The World of 3D Printing

Participants got to learn how 3D printing works, how it’s used in our world, and even got to team up and paint their own miniature U of G Cannon to take home!

The solidified outer remains of a pufferfish


BioBlast brought students together to beat the clock while completing challenging biology lab exercises! Some of the activities included matching skulls, identifying structures on pre-dissected organisms, and answering questions about the animals, plants, and invertebrates in the University of Guelph’s collection.

4 students work together on a computer


Students used coding and programming to compete in the LightBot challenge, and guide a robot through a maze that got more complicated as they progressed!

Two volunteers stomp on a rocket device

Rockin’ Rocketeers!

Creative Encounters hosted students in the Thornbrough Engineering Atrium for a stomp rocket building challenge that tested their knowledge of physics and engineering!

At the end of the day, students gathered in the Mitchell Gym of the W.F Mitchell Athletics Centre for an awards ceremony. Top performing students and schools from each experience were recognized and awarded with Battle STEM prizes, including water bottles, notebooks, and more.

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