Go ENG Girl 2023

Posted on Thursday, October 26th, 2023

Written by Kylie Riches

Two young girls making a device out of popsicle sticks with some people blurred in the background
These two bright future engineers participated in one of the several activities showcasing all the interesting things about the field.

On October 14th, Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) club and Creative Encounters (CE) hosted 63 young, energetic attendees. WiSE and CE created three interactive workshops, namely the Windy City Challenge, Catapult Basketball, and Paper Roller Coaster Build. During the workshops, more than half the parents and guardians participated in a tour of some of the School of Engineering labs. Later, they actively engaged in a panel discussion, addressing various questions related to the field of engineering. The event was capped off with pizza and a networking activity so that attendees could meet and talk with current University of Guelph undergraduates. Along with our WiSE and CE hosts, Engiqueers and Engineering without Borders actively participated and introduced the attendees to our vibrant community of Engineering and Science clubs on campus.

I liked how it encouraged female students to go into engineering, seeing as to how there were so many female college students majoring in engineering and it may have built engineering up as a possible future career for these students!” is what one participant had to say about the event. One parent reflected on the event, saying “My daughter loved the event and asked if she could attend next year. The girls who ran it were amazing and engaged the students in a positive way.”

image of students smiling in Engineering building smiling at camera in yellow shirts

In total, we had 31 volunteers, panelists, and committee members who made this event such a success!

Mom and two daughters observing glass case

Overall, there were 61 girls from grades 7-10 (plus two younger siblings), and 31 parents who stayed for the building tour and panel.

Panel of women in yellow shirts smiling at camera

Our encouraging panel who discussed and answered questions related to the field of engineering. 

Two young girls smiling at the camera infront of WiSE sign

Go ENG Girl 2023 was a hit with the girls that attended and captivated these young minds with hands-on activities.

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