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Headshot of Michele Oliver

Breaking Barriers: Rethinking Armor Design for Female Soldiers

Not all heroes wear capes, but they do wear armour. Meet Dr. Michele Oliver, a trailblazer from the School of Engineering at the University of Guelph, who is working towards making armour more accommodating for the real-world superheroes - our soldiers. The twist? Her study focuses on determining whether armour needs to be tailored for female soldiers, a long-ignored demographic in military armour design.

Figure 1- An Avian Influenza risk map of Indonesia developed by Dara and her team.

Harnessing Social Media: A Novel Approach to Disease Surveillance

Don't underestimate the power of social media! Social media is no longer just a place for selfies and memes. Dr. Rozita Dara, from the School of Computer Science, has recently unlocked a fascinating use of Twitter that could change the face of disease surveillance and management. This new method involves the analysis of Twitter data, aiding in predicting disease trends and gauging public perception toward health policies.

A Leap in Public Health Management Through Machine Learning

Photo of Sheng Chang's Research

Microplastics: The Unseen Scourge

Unraveling the plastic threat hidden in our waters, Dr. Chang’s team has revolutionized the way we isolate, identify, and combat microplastic pollution.

A person operates farming machinery on a farm

Carbon-smart soils used to combat climate change

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the most dominant greenhouse gasses (GHGs) that can absorb and hold heat radiated from the sun. Ever-increasing GHGs emissions have caused a significant rise in atmospheric carbon concentration in recent decades. If this trend continues, the Earth could warm by 2˚C before the end of the century, which will result in severe threats to human life and global ecosystems. Global efforts are being made to mitigate this effect by developing carbon capture and sequester (CCS) technologies.

Playing it Safe

Researchers keep online gaming safe by learning how and where to find evidence of cyber-crimes.

Colourful star explosion

Rules of Attraction

Researchers calculate the weight of neutron stars, the strongest magnets in the universe.

Image of a cell membrane with embedded proteins

On the Surface

New life-like model of cell membrane will enable a better look at cell surface proteins.

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