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Headshot of Kevin Keener with Food Day Canada logo and imagery

Food Day Canada 2023 - What do Engineers have to do with Food?

When people think of food, they think of farmers, grocery stores and restaurants, they don’t think of engineers. To celebrate Food Day Canada, we asked Dr. Kevin M. Keener, the Barrett Family Foundation Chair in Sustainable Food Engineering, to provide some insight into the relationship between engineering and the foods we enjoy. In response, Dr. Keener, shared the spotlight with a few of his students working in the Sustainable Food Systems Innovation Lab.

Figure 1- An Avian Influenza risk map of Indonesia developed by Dara and her team.

Harnessing Social Media: A Novel Approach to Disease Surveillance

Don't underestimate the power of social media! Social media is no longer just a place for selfies and memes. Dr. Rozita Dara, from the School of Computer Science, has recently unlocked a fascinating use of Twitter that could change the face of disease surveillance and management. This new method involves the analysis of Twitter data, aiding in predicting disease trends and gauging public perception toward health policies.

A Leap in Public Health Management Through Machine Learning

Example of the missing data problem, showing various fish sizes and ocean depth chart

Statistical Tools Help Solve a Challenge in Biology

Researchers develop a strategy for analyzing incomplete data sets

Missing data is a common and challenging problem in a broad range of scientific studies.  This is particularly true in the analyses of real-world data. For example, in the study of biological systems it is difficult to completely sample a population with a wide variety of traits (characteristics like body size, age and habitat).  It is impossible to sample everything, and missing data is almost inevitable.

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