Khashayar Ghandi

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Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
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(519) 824-4120 ext. 56708
MACN 314 A
Seeking academic or industry partnerships in the area(s) of: 
Energy, radiation science, medical devices, clean technology, polymers.
Available positions for grads/undergrads/postdoctoral fellows: 


Series of high pressure and temperature equipment, DSC, Viscometer, Conductivity probe, UV reactors, Reactors for reactions under electromagnetic radiation, Potentiostat, Sensors, 3D printer


High pressure and temperature chemistry, biosensing, green material synthesis, electrochemistry, viscosity measurements, conductivity measurements, exploring interaction of electromagnetic radiation with material

Education and Employment Background

Dr. Khashayar Ghandi received his PhD in Radiation Chemistry from Simon Fraser University in 2002. He worked as a research associate both under supervision of Professor Fleming at TRIUMF and he worked as a visiting scientist at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the Oxford shire, UK.  In 2005, he went on the work as an Associate Assistant professor at Mount Allison University and received early tenure.  He joined the University of Guelph as a tenured Associate Professor in 2018. 

Research Themes

Ghandi’s research examines fundamental aspects and applications of chemistry and physics in health, energy, nanotechnology, and green chemistry. His research is carried out both at a conventional chemistry laboratory and within the TRIUMF national laboratory in Vancouver, ISIS at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the UK, ELYSE in the university of Paris/Saclay, and JPARC in Japan. His work includes computational work such as investigating electronic structures, quantum field theory, Monte Carlo simulations and Molecular dynamics, as well as hands on lab experiments, instrument design (including design of medical devices), spectroscopic studies, synthesis of novel material as well as data analysis. Key research themes include:

  1. Applications of physical chemistry tools to other disciplines. Ghandi and his group collaborate with colleagues to explore applications of chemistry and physics in biology, medicine, commerce, and engineering.
  2. Fundamental aspects of physical chemistry/chemical physics. Ghandi and his research group examine topics such as novel types of chemical bonds, kinetic isotope effects on reactions of state selected molecules, developing new spectroscopic techniques to study intermediates, chemistry under extreme conditions, and the role of external fields on electronic structure in atoms, molecules and material as well as modeling chemical reactions.
  3. Material science, energy transformation, and green chemistry. Ghandi has explored topics including CO2 capture and its use and applications. He is also interested in radical and radiation chemistry in tunable solvents and the changes to the chemical environment under irradiation in-situ.


  • Jean d'Alembert fellowship program, Universite-Paris-Saclay, France, 2017-2018
  • Visiting Professor, Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology, Hefei, China, 2017
  • Continuously received NSERC Discovery Grant, 2006-2023
  • Editorial Member, Frontiers in Chemistry 2020-2021
  • President, Society for Muon Spectroscopy, 2014/5 - 2017/5
  • Chair, TRIUMF National Lab User Group, 2012-2015

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