Michael Wirth

Associate Professor
School of Computer Science
REYN 2209
Available positions for grads/undergrads/postdoctoral fellows: 

Education and Employment Background

Dr. Michael Wirth received his PhD from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He joined the School of Computer Science at the University of Guelph in 2000 where he is now an Associate Professor.

Research Themes

Wirth’s research is focused on recursion, historical programming language design, digital photography, and image processing. Much of his work is published on one of his two blogs.

  1. Recursion. Wirth explores classical and lost algorithms for recursion, and pedagogy related to recursion.
  2. Historical programming. Wirth is interested in the design of programming languages evolved, looking at historical languages, language designers, legacy languages and reengineering.
  3. Photography. Wirth explores technical aspects of digital and analog cameras, the aesthetics of photography, and image processing algorithms. 


  • Distinguished Professorial Award, University of Guelph Faculty Association, 2003