Daniel Thomas

Prof Thomas
Phone number: 
519-824-4120 ext. 53961
SSC 2504
MACN 054


B.Sc. (University of Alberta in Edmonton, 1980)

Ph.D. (University of Toronto - Prof. John Polanyi)


  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC): Materials and Design
  • Nickel Carbonyl Refining
  • Studying the Grading Effectiveness of Large Groups of Graders
  • Conceptual Learning Tendencies and Student Performance
  • Psychometrics and the Learning of Chemistry
  • Effectiveness of POGIL Materials in Learning Chemistry
  • Evaluating Students' Scale Literacy

Current Group Members

Jong Park (Ph.D. student)
Michael Moore (Ph.D. student)
David Smith (M.Sc. student)
Ryan Crozier (M.Sc. student)
Elliot Lade (Undergraduate)
Jong Park (Ph.D. student)

Former Graduate Student Members

Jingeng Wang (Ph.D.)
Taras Kolodiazhnyi (M.Sc.)
Lori Jones (Ph.D.)
L. Zhang (M.Sc.)
Fang-Xing Wei (Ph.D. candidate)
Christine Downie (M.Sc. candidate)

Former Undergraduate Student Members

Sam Koh
Ryan Crozier
Kyle Bradfield
David Smith
Patrick Policelli
Jeff Roberts
Francis Brosseau
Brad Clarke
Bob McPhail
Mike Fleischauer
Matt Biggar
Chantal Paquet

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