Alarm Monitoring

Panasonic Freezer imageThe University provides Non-Life Safety* monitoring of temperature and tamper of department assets upon request. These assets must be compatible with the existing alarm monitoring systems and are subject to review. Colleges or Departments that are interested in Non-Life Safety alarm monitoring are requested to submit a work order to

Assets may include**

  • lab freezers
  • cold rooms
  • warm rooms
  • HVAC status
  • AV equipment tamper

Asset Information

  • The temperature/tamper alarm is configured per device as specified by the college/department requirements.
  • The cost of monitoring & installation is the responsibility of the college or department requesting the alarm system asset monitoring.
  • It is the responsibility of the college or department to provide up to date contact information for all alarm systems. This is required prior to initial alarm installation, and also ongoing for any changes to the contact person(s), or to the monitored equipment.
  • All monitored assets will have identifiable labels indicating that they are monitored.
  • The labelled assets are NOT to be moved, replaced, or decommissioned without first making arrangements with both the Physical Resources DEC Electrical Engineering department, and also the Electronic Access Group


  • Temperature/Tamper alarms are monitored by Physical Resources during regular business hours.
  • Temperature/Tamper alarms are monitored by the Campus Community Police during off-hours.

* The existence of these monitoring systems is not a guarantee that the University will always be able to respond to non life saftey alarms, or be able to restore temperature conditions quickly enough to prevent damage.

** Temperature monitoring is not affiliated with the University of Guelph LIFE SAFETY SECURITY Alarm systems (ie: 
intrusion detection, motion detection, or DSC security keypads). All LIFE SAFETY alarm inquiries are to be directed to the University of Guelph Campus Community Police at (519)-824-4120 x52245