Campus E.A. Perimeter Project

The Physical Resources department has initiated an Electronic Access (E.A.) project in 2017 to enhance the perimeter security of the University main campus buildings.

The current phase of construction is under way as of May 2019. With completion scheduled in the latter 2019 or into 2020. 

The tentative list of buildings for consideration and review within the 2019/2020 phases of the project are (in no specific order).

5    Presidents House
7    Creelman Hall
14    Blackwood Hall
16    Day Hall
17    The Bullring
21    Zavitz Hall
22    Raithby House
23    Macdonald Stewart Hall
24    Massey Hall
28    H.L. Hutt Building
29    The Conservatory
35    Zoology Annex 2
47    O.V.C. McNabb House
48    Federal Building
53    Fire Hall
57    Maintenance Building #2
61    Housekeeping Building (now OPIRG)
66    Alumni House
69    Crop Science
80    Edmund C. Bovey Administration  Building
81    Edmund C. Bovey Laboratory Building
82    Plant Growth Facilities Building
83    Header House
84    Annex - CSA bike shop
97    Compost Storage Building
137    Chemical Management Centre
150    Bio Control Building
154    Mackinnon Extension
165    OVC Embryonic Research Bldg - PR Material Handlers
196    Fielding House
231    Hilton Centre
232    The Arboretum
233    Arboretum Information Booth
238    J.C. Taylor Nature Interpretive Centre

For information relating to this project please contact the Physical Resources Design, Engineering and Construction department.