How do I care for my I.D. Card?

iClass card sample image - blank white card.You are responsible for the iClass I.D. Card that has been issued to you.If your card is damaged and not working, a replacement card will need to be issued to you by the registrar's office.
* In some cases it may be subject to an adminstration fee. 

The card is durable, but if not properly cared for, it is possible to damage the embedded antennae wiring, or chip within the card. The following tips will help to keep your iClass I.D.Card functioning properly:

  • Do not punch a hole in your card.
  • Do not place your card near a magnetic field or computer.
  • Do not leave your card in direct sunlight. (i.e. car dashboard)
  • Do not expose your card to extreme heat or open flame.  (i.e. clothes dryer)
  • Do not machine wash your card. (Clean your card with a soft, non-abrasive cloth and water.)
  • Do not use your card as an ice scraper or scraping tool.
  • Do not bend, crimp, twist or crack your card. 
  • Do not hold your card in your mouth.
  • Do not scratch your card.  (i.e. with a pen or sharp tool)
  • Do not store your card in a wallet that you keep in your back pocket.

* Learn about the technology inside the iClass card.