How do I obtain my Iclass card during Covid-19 Closures?

First, these steps need to be completed. The process to create U of G log in credentials should be initiated by the employee's supervisor.

  • Employee has started their employment and have attended work for their first day.
  • Employee has received a U of G central login account credentials .
  • Employee has received a Uof G email address and has confirmed that it is active and functional.

How to obtain an ID card during Covid-19:
Follow the steps below to obtain your ID card. If you have any questions, contact the Campus Card Office by email at

1. Visit the following link to upload an image and the following information: 

  • First Name, Last Name
  • Employee Number (9 digits)
  • Email Address (

2. Once the information has been received, the Campus Card Office will verify your status and produce your ID card. 

3. Instructions on how to obtain your ID card will be emailed to you.