I do not qualify for an I.D. Card, how do I get access?

If you do not qualify for a University issued I.D. card, an access FOB can be issued and programmed for the appropriate building access. 

Individuals requiring access FOBs may be the following:

  • Contractors (i.e. maintenance and project work)
  • Service Providers (i.e. food delivery services)
  • Casual Employees
  • Volunteers (i.e. dog walkers)

If you fall into this category, please follow the process below to obtain the access FOB: 

  1. Arrange building access with the appropriate University of Guelph Departmental Authority contact.  
    (i.e. Project Coordinator, Dean, Director, Facility Manager).
  2. The Departmental Authority will authorize and request a FOB from the Building Access Contact.
  3. The Building Access Contact will submit the FOB Request with the appropriate information to the Electronic Access Group.
    (Info Required: name of person carrying FOB, company, phone, email, dates/times required, access area info, photo.)
    *Please note: FOB requests may take up to 24h to process

  4. Once the fob has been prepared, the individual and building access contact will be notified.
  5. The FOB recipient/individual must sign for the FOB in person and present a government issued photo ID.
  6. The FOB can be picked up during office hours from the following location:

    University of Guelph Campus
    J.C. Hersey Building #060
    Mezzanine (Level 2)
    Office Hours:  8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday to Friday


    ** Some changes to this process have been made to comply with social distancing and prevent the spread of COVID19. The Eaccess team will make specific arrangements with your building access contact for FOB pick up.