Is my I.D. Card only good for building access?

No. Your University of Guelph I.D. Card can be also be used for the services listed below:

Hospitality Services

  • Student Meal Plans are linked to student I.D. Cards.
  • Staff can purchase items from Hospitality Services with their employee I.D. card at a 10% discount with the Express Plus Account.

Library Services

Your I.D. Card also contains a barcode. This barcode enables you to sign out books at The McLaughlin Library (Bldg 071).

Bus Passes

The bus pass is also associated with your Student I.D. Card, and is paid as part of your Undergraduate or Graduate student fees. Bus passes are administered by the Central Student Association (CSA), or the Graduate Student Association (GSA). For additional information visit the CSA undergrad student bus pass