Why does the card reader not recognize my I.D. Card/iClass FOB?

Card readers at building and room doors will display either a solid red or solid green light.

  • Red indicates the door is in locked status.
  • Green indicates the door is in unlocked status.

If the card reader does not respond to your I.D. Card/iClass fob:

  • Access may not be assigned.
  • Your iClass device may be damaged.
  • Did you change status on campus?  (ie: you were previously an Undergrad and now you are a Grad student ) You must obtain a new card from the Registrars Office.
  • Some lab doors may be configured with an Unlock schedule. UofG cards will not be required during the scheduled time.
  • Your I.D. Card may not be equipped with iClass HID technology. (i.e. older magnetic stripe card)
  • When your I.D. Card is NOT presented on its own, the reader may detect other RFID cards within a wallet, purse or backpack. Access is not granted if multiple cards are detected.

Students can contact their residence porter for assistance.
Faculty & Staff can contact their Department's Electronic Access Administrator for assistance.