Maintenance Building 1

Building Number:  058

Note:  Interior and Exterior Doors

Bull Ring Pub

Building Number:  017

Note:  Exterior Doors

Crop Science Greenhouse

Building Number:  079

Note:  Interior Doors

Zoology Annex 2

Building Number:  035

Note:  Perimeter Doors

Graham Hall

Building Number:  032

Note:  Perimeter Doors

Research Park Centre

Building Number:  240

Note:  Perimeter and Interior Doors

Massey Hall

Building Number: 024

Note:  Perimeter Doors

Macdonald Stewart Hall Addition

Building Number:  112

Note: Perimeter Doors

Production Animal Isolation Facility

Building Number: 146

Note: Perimeter Doors

Hilton Centre

Building Number: 231

Note: Perimeter Doors