The University's Experiential Learning Strategy

Project Updates

Since the Institution's framework for experiential learning was introduced at Senate in April 2017 significant progress has been made in implementing our experiential learning strategy. This project page links to updates in six distinct areas of focus. Click the icons below for updates:

Project Background

An Experiential Learning Task Force was struck in Winter 2017 to review existing experiential learning activities, identify gaps and suggest strategies for improvement. Under the guidance of this Task Force, experiential learning at the University of Guelph was defined, starting the journey to creating common language for experiential learning. The following spring, the Associate Vice-President Academic (AVPA) and Associate Vice-President Student Affairs (AVPSA), in consultation with the Experiential Learning Task Force, published a report “Experiential Learning: A Framework for Impact”, which featured a proposed experiential learning framework and action plan for the university. 

In Fall 2017 the Experiential Learning Advisory Committee was created with representatives spanning our three campuses. This committee was tasked with providing direction on experiential learning priorities and assisting in communication and outreach across campus. Following this, the Special Advisor on Experiential Learning was seconded for eight months to advance the experiential learning strategy at the University.


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Experience Profiles

  • Jack graduated from the University of Guelph with a major in History and a minor in Philosophy. He was a Peer Helper and in a curricular context, took multiple experiential courses which were project and research based.