Perspectives on Experiential Learning Conference

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University of Guelph


About the Conference

Curricular and co-curricular experiential learning (EL) opportunities are grounded in an intentional learning cycle with clearly defined learning outcomes. These opportunities actively engage students in creating knowledge and critically reflecting on their experiences, fostering a deeper understanding of how they can utilize what they have learned and apply the skills they have developed in future endeavours. 

More recently, the focus on EL across the educational sector has resulted in institutional commitments to increase the variety and quantity of EL opportunities. These commitments have sparked creative and unique collaborations within institutions to make EL opportunities rich and meaningful experiences for our students and partners. As our efforts continue to evolve, a variety of critical questions have emerged on how best to create, deliver, support and sustain EL opportunities.

Conference Themes

We will discuss critical questions and perspectives on the the following conference themes:

  • The Student Voice: Exploring the Experiences of Our Students
  • Designing, Teaching and Assessing Experiential Learning
  • Making Partnerships Matter: From Industry to Community
  • Institutional Practices Supporting Experiential Learning
  • Overcoming Barriers and Increasing Access
  • From Policy to Practice: Balancing Political- and Institution- Driven Approaches to Experiential Learning

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