Can I arrange for a supplier to ship items ordered under a LVPO or HVPO to my home?

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Yes, but only if the items are required for the University’s essential operations and need to be received at home to sustain ongoing operations while we work from home.

For items that are not required for working from home, deliveries of those orders should either be deferred or directed to University Centre (UC) Receiving.

UC receiving is operating and receiving shipments on behalf of all closed buildings at this moment. The UC Receiving Team has put in place a process of receiving and distributing packages to departments on campus on a regular basis. Items not deliverable to departments will be held at the UC Receiving Dock for the time being.

Considering the limitations of storage and resources at UC Receiving, it is recommended that, wherever possible, departments cancel or postpone the deliveries of purchases that are not required at this time if the cancellation or postponement will not result in extra charges to the University.  Deliveries to UC Receiving should only be arranged for those orders that cannot be cancelled or rescheduled.