How to Get Help On Campus

Call extension 52000 - This extension is the emergency number on campus.

Call 519-840-5000 - This is a direct line to be used by any phone (cellphone friendly).

Emergency Phones - Emergency phones are at various locations across campus and can be found inside and outside of buildings.  Just push the button and speak to the emergency dispatcher. For a full list of locations please visit the Emergency Phone Locations on Campus.

Old emergency phone New emergency phone


Bell pay phones on campus - On all Bell pay phones on campus there is a UofG police button, which will dial extension 52000 for you at no cost

Elevator phone - In all elevators on campus there is either a telephone or a call box.  Once the call box is activated or the telephone receiver is picked up, you are able to speak to a emergency dispatcher. 

Elevator phone Elevator call box


Residence Call Box - At the entrance to any residence there is a yellow call box.  Once the button is pushed you are able to talk to a Student Housing Porter or you can dial extension 52000 from this box.

Yellow residence call box

Fire Alarm Pull Station - In the event of an emergency do not hesitate to activate a pull station.  Once a pull station has been activated emergency services will respond. 

Fire alarm pull station