Photo Gallery

Fire Safety truck in front of Johnston
Dorm Room on Fire during annual room burn demonstration
yellow emergency phone pole located across campus
Gryphon statue located at the corner of Stone Rd and Gordon St
Truck Johnston Green

Our Mission

We believe that everyone has a right to a safe workplace and every worker has a responsibility to themselves and others to play their part in ensuring safety across the campus.

Our focus at the University of Guelph is on safety, prevention and training. We stride to ensuring the standards of life safety set out in the Ontario Fire Code and to be proacive in the suppression of all possible emergencies. We ensure this through inspections training and policies. Our two full time Fire Prevention Officers work Monday to Friday to make the University of Guelph a safer place.

Fire Emergency?

Call: x2000 or 519-840-5000

Non-emergency number x52071

Report a Fire Hazard


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RT : Thou shall attend and be washed. So let it be written, so let it be done. #Guelph

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RT : please help us spread the word & come out to support our fundraiser for ! 💜

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Spread the word!!!! TODAY At 4 on Johnston Green! #uofgroomburn.